Examples of the KTU Covid-19 Resources.

Staff at one of the ASSET research partners, the Knowledge Translation Unit, have been extremely busy developing Covid-19 resources for use by healthcare providers and communities.

The Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) is a group within the University of Cape Town’s Lung Institute and Department of Medicine who has worked on primary care programmes to strengthen provision of evidence-informed care in low-resources settings in South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Brazil for two decades. They are working around the clock to help health workers in these and similar settings to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. They are also working to expand these to support primary healthcare workers, patients and households.

KTU PACK Online Covid-19 Training Course

The KTU Director, Professor Lara Fairall, writes on the resources page that they are making the resources freely available to assist communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources are available to use under a few conditions as stated on the page.

The myriad of resources include first line management information sheets that speak to topics such as managing facilities, information on masks, mental health for health workers and an online course on Covid-19 for health workers. The community resources include a general information poster, posters on hygiene and medication and using shared ablutions. The page also makes editable resources available.

You can check out and download the resources here and register for the free online course here.

Follow KTU on Twitter at for regular updates on the resources they are developing.


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